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To assist veterans and their families outside the hospital, to ensure a suitable standard of living, whether it be through financial support, moral support, or by simple acts of kindness.


  • Buddy Poppy Campaigns

  • VFW’s National Military Services, which includes Operation Uplink TM, Unmet Needs, and the Military Assistance Program

  • VFW National Home for Children,

  • Life in the US Military by Dan Koffman, a picture book to help veterans with memory loss. Learn more and purchase the book here.


The founders of the VFW Auxiliary placed the greatest emphasis on a program developed to assist veterans returning from battle and assimilating into civilian life. Today the organization continues to help those coming directly from the battlefield or from the hospital as they try to re-establish themselves and maintain normal, happy lives with their families and their communities.

One of the most successful projects under this program is Operation Uplink. VFW and VFW Auxiliary members across the country raise money to purchase virtual PINs and Internet cafes for veterans and overseas soldiers.

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