Unless otherwise stated, make all checks payable to:

Department of Texas VFW Auxiliary

P.O. Box 15285, Austin, Tx 78761

*Your checks must be earmarked for the appropriate program and use a copy of your check for reporting programs.

JULY 2019








APRIL 2020

MAY 2020

JUNE 2020


Worldwide Suicide Awareness Day - Observed September 10th and Patriot Day - September 11th

POW/MIA Recognition Day - 3rd Friday in September

Gold Star Mothers / Families - last Sunday in September

July 4 : Independence Day


July 12 - 13 : Statewide Training Seminars

School of Instructions - District Presidents must hold a School of Instructions

Hospital Month - $.50 per member based on June 30 Membership

Voice of Democracy / Patriot Pen / Young American Creative Patriotic Art information to the Schools

October 18 - 20: Southern Conference Baton Rouge


Health and Happiness - Send $.10 per member based on June 30th membership (Optional)

Voice of Democracy/ Patriot Pen - Send $15.00 per program for Department Scholarship

Veteran's Day - November 11th

Proclamation by President Trump for November Veteran Month

Family Freedom Festival

Mid-Year Reports - To District President by December 10th; to Department Chairmen by December 20th


Cancer Grants - Send $2.00 per memberbased on June 30th membership (Optional)


Membership - December 15th 100% quota


Events - Hold parties for children, help needy Veterans, care packages


Texas VFW Foundation - Hold fundraisers or make donations



Programs - Work the National and States Programs

Attend Mid-Winter Round-up

February 19 - 24: VFW Auxiliary Midyear Honolulu HI


Salute to Hospitalized Veterans

Veterans Voices Writing Project

MARCH 2020

Young American Creative Patriotic Art - entries to Auxiliary by March 31

Year-end Reports - To district President by April 10th, to Department Chairmen by April 20th

Buddy Poppy, Loyalty Day, Memorial Day

State Nursing Scholarship to Department Chairman by May 1st

Year-end Reports for National Programs to Department President by May 1st

Year-end Information from Chairman to Department Program Coordinator by May 1st

Flag Day

Department Convention

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