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  • Applicant must be a member of the VFW Auxiliary for one (1) full year

  • Current dues must be paid before applying for a cancer grant

  • After twelve (12) months have passed from date of diagnosis or last treatment, application will not be accepted

  • A member is allowed two (2) grants during their lifetime. Twelve (12) months must elapse between new diagnosis and/or treatment for a second application to be considered. Continuous treatment which lasts beyond the twelve (12) month period will qualify for a second grant.

  • Application will be rejected if member has been deceased for longer than 30 days


  • Member must complete in its entirety the Member’s portion of the application

  • If the member has deceased, a family member may submit this application with documentation of proof of death such as an obituary, doctor’s letter, etc

  • Physician must complete in its entirety the Physicians’ portion of the application

                                                          Mail completed application to:

                                                          VFW AUXILIARY
                                                          ATTN: CANCER GRANTS
                                                          406 W. 34TH STREET, 10TH FLOOR
                                                          KANSAS CITY, MO 64111

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