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The goals of the Americanism program are to promote patriotism, teach students about our American heritage, demonstrate the proper care of the U.S. Flag, and ensure that the public will never forget the sacrifices made by America’s soldiers. Members are also passionate about helping bring attention to Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action by holding ceremonies to both educate their communities and honor these special veterans. The full accounting of those missing in action is a high priority of the VFW and VFW Auxiliary.


1931–The “Star Spangled Banner Bill” made it to the floor of Congress. Americanism became the third national continuing service program adopted by the VFW Auxiliary. The program continues stronger than ever.


Appointed by the President on each level, the Patriotic Instructor encourages members on the proper salute of the U.S. Flag, as well as the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Do not pause while saying, “One nation under God.” She also takes the time to understand the VFW Auxiliary Ritual and the Federal Flag Code.

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